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Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

NuRelL's Craft First Giveaway

NurelL’s Craft Team are giving away those lovely stuff above to our lovely friends, fans, customer and anyone that have been visiting our blog…

Three steps to win:

1.Be our Follower

2.Post about this giveaway at your blog/facebook/website.
Link back to this post so that other people can join too..
You can use the picture above…

3.Finally, leave a comment below and state the link of your post about this giveaway..

The giveaway items include;

•1/2 meter of blue-heart Grossgrain ribbon

•1/2 meter of pink-heart Satin ribbon

•a dozen of oval cream buttons

•a pack of sweet buttons

•5 pairs of colourful glitter hairclips

•1 crocheted flower Brooch

•1 wooden butterfly HP Straps
(Psst..100% Handmade from Jogja-we are prime distributor for Sabah region)

•1 small butterfly wooden pin
(Psst..100% Handmade from Jogja-we are prime distributor for Sabah region)

•Felted cupcake

Wow…lovely isn’t it? with so many prizes…maybe you’re the lucky person..come and join the fun…it will end on 25th March 2010…

Would U like to Try?? >>> CLICK HERE

~ It'S OnLy Me ~

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hans berkata...


Insan Biasa berkata...

Yang ni gua tak tahu loor ..

Jijahh @ f.k berkata...

hans : thanks

insan : masuk la jugak .. kalo menang nanti .. kasik present kat jijah ... ;)

hmmm .. soo ...

Dah Follow Jijah ???

Dah Follow Jijah ???
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