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Jumaat, 8 April 2011

TELuR TIRUAN - dari email satu masa dulu ... ngeri kann ??

Berhati-hati la ni telor pun boleh dibuat dimakmal.( telor tiruan ).China semua boleh buat….
Subject: eggs can done? kakakkakaka


Manufacturing fake eggs

In China there are fake schools and classes that teach a variety of blatant fraud technology, even eggs can be modulated by chemical materials, but also be able to fry cook, is currently the most popular False course.
Step 1 modulation of raw materials
Using 7 kinds of chemical materials, see pic below

Fake egg was made from calcium carbonate, starch, resin, gelatin, alum and other chemical products.

Step 2 egg production
Raw egg into the mold to 2 / 3 full, put calcium chloride, colouring die, the egg appears on the film been announced.

The 'yolk' is shaped in the round mould. 'Magic water' containing calcium chloride is used.

By adding a yellow pigment and become raw egg yolk.

Step 3 fake egg shape
In the mold into 1 / 3 raw egg white, like the first package, like dumplings into the egg yolk, egg white into another, into the magic water, a shell eggs will come slowly. Naked egg shape to 1 hour to dry after washing with water, at shells ready.

Step 4
Sewing lines through the use of eggs, immersed in paraffin wax, calcium carbonate, such as modulation of the eggshell into a solution, repeated several times until the shell a little dry, immersion in cold water pumping line shape, this point, the egg has been put on a false cloak , You're done.

Hard shells are formed by soaking in paraffin wax onto the egg, which are then left to dry.



Oh yeah The Egg is ready. The artificial egg shell is very fragile and break easily but who cares!!
Look so real

Many small bubbles is formed during frying the egg but not many people can tell the difference.
The egg look exactly the same, and the eggs taste better than real but you are adding to the
statistic of food poisoning person.

Why make fake eggs ?
Because of money.

The cost of fake egg is only 0.55 Yuan/kg, while the true eggs' market price is 5.6 Yuan/kg.
Cases of problem foods and food poisoning are widely reported in Mainland China over the last few years. In 2001, there were 185 cases of food poisoning, affecting about 15,715 people and causing 146 deaths. The cases doubled in 2002. In 2003, the number of reported cases was ten times more than that in 2001, and the number of people suffered was as high as 29,660, including 262 deaths Now In Sept 2008 Nearly 53,000 Chinese children sick from contaminated milk; 4 have died


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7 ulasan:

Bila Ku Kata Cinta... berkata...


kes ni dah lame skang ada balik..jap ada..jap xdde

harap sgt pihak berkuasa dlt wat pantauan segera!!

especially produk dr china yg dpt ngan murah+meluas di mesia

iDAN berkata...

kesan kita memakannya yang amat ditakuti; pasti sukar kita mengecamnnya!...

Jijahh @ f.k berkata...

katanya telur tiruan ni bentuk dia pelik sikit ... saiznye bebeso ...
tapi agaknye lepas ni laku laa telur itik n telur ayam kampung kan ??...

aTy _faRed~ berkata...

eee..macam2 kan orang zaman sekarang ni.. nak untung macam2 dibuatnyer.. takut lak... agaknyer lepas ni ape lagi yang fake ek....

Oasis berkata...

Mcm2 kes skrg ni. Teknologi pun blh jd benda yg berbahaya. Nk mkn pun asyik terfikir psl bhy je skrg ni kn.

ratusiput berkata...

mmg puaka dorang ni kan.iskk...kan dah...wat nambah dosa ratu je pepagi ni.

Redbloodsnow berkata...

kagum tgk cara dorg buat telur. tu mmg nk fight dgn ciptaan tuhan ler tue...hemprhhh :(

hmmm .. soo ...

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Dah Follow Jijah ???
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