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Rabu, 9 Disember 2009

me & u

Since my trip to Kuching ... none of my message replied... by fone.. by YM.. i wonder why? i guess it because of that girl.. i suppose to pick her at Puduraya. but at the end .. i'm the one who have to cancel it. Trip back from Bachok on Monday. Lucky she have lots of friend.. i know she will tell everything .. its more like daily report. erghh .. (not for me..)... mm maybe thats the reason. I still remember the warning.. its not that i'm afraid of..
sooo in the end ... i feel like letting go everything.. then the YM in. asking y i didnt contact him ... emmm?? silence?? is it me or u? .. i did tell everything ..i'm glad for by day .. its more complicated .. hard to understand..
what should i do?? ......

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hmmm .. soo ...

Dah Follow Jijah ???

Dah Follow Jijah ???
har..har har ... sabo je laa serindit ni tauu ... dia cakap meh nak kasik jijah femess ... ramai follower dalam sekelip mata ...hahaha ni lah dia kasik ... ahaks ...lawak la ko serindit oittt ...tak tahann ... 30058 follower ...perghhhhh ... kejong Jijah japs ... ahaks .. thanks buddy ;) ..wink .. wink .. click je kat sebelah atas tu kalo nak follow ...

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